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The Charleston Arborist is the perfect tree service provider to get your outdoor space looking it’s absolute best. Our staff is professional, experienced, and willing to go the extra mile for our customers. Our team utilizes their expertise in trees and plants to solve any problem with your yard.

The Charleston Arborist uses state-of-the-art technology coupled with old-fashioned knowledge and care when managing things like trimming, pruning, cabling, staking, removing hazardous branches, or grinding stumps. With The Charleston Arborist’s services, you can be sure that your trees will be under the best possible care for years to come.

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Arborists Consulting Services In Charleston, South Carolina

Do you notice any concerning signs such as weak branches, dying foliage, noticeable fungus, or bark discoloration. These may indicate something is wrong with your tree, and an experienced arborist should be consulted. Additionally, suppose a storm has caused damage to your trees and resulted in significant debris. In that case, it is best to have us check the remaining trunk and limbs for structural soundness. We will also assess any visible root damage that may prevent recovery of the affected tree(s). Taking swift action on serious problems can reduce long-term damage to trees and property, making The Charleston Arborist a must-have resource!

Tree Inventory & reporting
For Charleston, SC

Tree Inventory:
The Charleston Arborist is an excellent resource for the long term care and planning of your vital trees. You can turn to us for detailed tree inventories of your property and land.

Tree Reporting:
We also assist homeowners, HOA’s, attorneys and more with extensive tree reports for property disputes, litigation and insurance claims. Our staff can also be used as expert witness in a variety of legal matters.

What makes Us The Most trusted arborist in Charleston?

We have been tending to local trees for over a decade, providing specialized services like diagnostics and treatments and preventive pruning and trimming. The team at The Charleston Arborist takes pride in their commitment to providing superior tree care with an unmatched level of knowledge, skill, and experience. We also strive to develop strong relationships with clients that last through quality work, exceptional customer service, and guaranteed satisfaction. In addition, the company’s emphasis on environmental stewardship has seen them partner with dozens of landscaping businesses over the years.

Tree Preservation Specialists:
Our Charleston arborists are experts in the field of tree preservation and strive to ensure that your trees remain healthy and beautiful with proper tree care practices. We understand how valuable trees are to a property’s overall appearance so we take precautionary measures to protect them from pests and diseases while enhancing their aesthetic appeal. We take great pride in working on some of the most historic trees in the Charleston area.

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