Should I Hire A Tree Company Or Do It Myself?

Should you Hire a Professional or DIY?

In most cases, it’s best to leave tree removal to the professionals. Attempting to remove a weak, dead, or dying tree or a structurally compromised tree can prove deadly. If a tree grows near your home, power lines, or other obstacles, it’s also wise to call a professional.

DIY tree removal is only possible if you’re removing a healthy, manageable-sized tree that has no nearby obstacles. You also must be confident using a chainsaw and have the appropriate permits and equipment. While DIY tree removal is an option in some situations, hiring a professional tree removal company is the safest way to remove a tree.

Sometimes these signs aren’t so obvious, which means you’ll need a certified arborist to diagnose your tree. If the tree requires removal, you’ll almost always need to hire a professional. DIY tree removal might be possible with healthy trees, but removing unhealthy or dying trees poses a significantly higher safety risk.

FAQ About Removing a Tree

How can I diagnose my tree?

An accurate diagnosis for an ailing tree should come from a certified arborist. Arborists are knowledgeable in the field of tree care and are trained to identify symptoms that might not be so obvious to an untrained observer.

How can I save my diseased tree?

The best way to save a diseased tree is to perform a curative treatment as soon as possible. When you suspect your tree is suffering from a disease, call a tree service company right away to perform an inspection. An arborist may perform a curative treatment, but if the tree has become dangerously weak, they may suggest removing it.

Keep in mind that some tree diseases don’t have a cure and the diseased tree will need prompt attention to protect nearby trees.

My neighbor says he can cut down my tree. Is it safe to hire him?

Beware of people who claim to be true experts without the necessary qualifications. Hiring an uninsured, self-proclaimed “tree professional” increases risk of injury, property damage, and death.

The highest-trained professionals are certified arborists. So unless your neighbor is an insured, certified arborist, don’t hire him for tree removal services.

What can I do if my neighbor has a dangerous tree in their yard?

If your neighbor has a dangerous tree that  puts you, your family, or your property at risk, a good first step is to talk to your neighbor face to face.

Tell your neighbor what your concerns are and why. Ask them to hire a certified arborist (or offer to pay for one yourself) to inspect the tree and follow the arborist’s recommendations for removal. For peace of mind, ask to join the inspection appointment or request the inspection details in writing.

If your neighbor refuses to hire an arborist, write them a letter that includes your concerns and any legal action you’ll take if the tree damages your property or injures someone. This is usually enough to get a neighbor to act promptly. Remember to save a copy of the letter (or email) for your records.

Consult a lawyer or file a nuisance claim if a face-to-face meeting and letter don’t work. If the court believes the case to be a nuisance, it can order your neighbor to remove the tree.

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