Tree Pruning Charleston, SC

professional tree pruning services For the residents of Charleston and Her surrounding areas.

Our experienced arborists have excellent knowledge and expertise in adequately pruning trees, ensuring they are healthy and look great. We offer various pruning services, including crown shaping, growth control, and deadwood removal, so you can choose the option that best suits your needs. Contact us today if you live in Charleston and need tree care!

what is A Tree Risk assessment? Do I need one?

The Charleston Arborist is proud to offer tree risk assessment services to the city of Charleston and its surrounding areas. Tree risk assessment is an essential tool in maintaining safety by helping you to recognize if there are potential hazards associated with a tree. The process involves collecting information on the integrity and structure of a tree, then analyzing that data and looking for visual indicators of decline, distress, or damage. Our knowledgeable professionals will then assess the risks and determine necessary treatments. We understand that your trees are unique investments, so trust The Charleston Arborist to provide the right advice and help protect your property!

Tree Pruning is Preventative yard Maintenance

The Charleston Arborist can help protect your home from falling branches due to dead or diseased wood. The risk of falling branches can be drastically reduced with preventative measures such as removing dead or diseased wood. Our well-trained teams are experts in tree care and maintenance and will provide a thorough examination to identify any potential risks. We serve all of Charleston and have the knowledge and experience to safely remove the damaged wood for an improved, healthier tree canopy. Your family’s safety is our top priority, so don’t wait any longer and call The Charleston Arborist today!

You need an arborist!
Not just tree and branch removal

The Charleston Arborist provides knowledgeable and expert tree care services, unlike any tree and branch removal company in Charleston. Rather than simply removing trees and branches, we take a holistic approach to tree care and preservation, ensuring your trees are healthy, attractive, and long-lasting. Our experienced staff recognizes the importance of trees on your property, providing customized solutions for maximum health and development. Our professionalism makes us the perfect choice if you need an arborist instead of just a simple tree and branch removal company.

We are tree experts that serve Charleston and the surrounding areas

We make sure your trees are kept to the highest standards with a combination of age old techniques and cutting edge innovation!

  • Tree Pruning
  • Tree Removal
  • Tree Fertilization¬†¬†
  • Tree Planting
  • Tree Cabling
  • Tree Preservation
  • Stump Grinding
  • Tree Inventory

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